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4 resons to maintain good posture

1.Developing and maintaining optimal posture and proper exercise mechanics is most important to ensure health, safety and fitness enjoyment.  Working out with any dysfunction in your body can lead to pain, frustration, injuries, and inefficient use of energy for fitness training.

Meet with an NASM-certified personal trainer and corrective exercise specialist for a dynamic postural assessment, and basic performance assessment, to ensure your body’s posture is in the correct plane and proper movement.

2.The importance of good posture during resistance training will help one to activate the targeted muscle group better during an exercise in addition to reducing the risk of injury. One way it to have a fitness trainer watch you do a couple of exercises to make sure good posture is maintained though each exercise movement.

3.For so many of us our posture is not something we think about or have an awareness of. By taking advantage of a personal trainer, one can be sure to execute exercises properly and learn how to correct their postural imbalances during exercise through the day.

Having proper posture can help prevent injury to connective tissues as well as muscles and joints.

4.Maintaining good posture during resistance training is important because it helps ensure that the muscles of the body are at the most ideal length to generate maximum force.  If your muscles are able to generate higher amounts of force, it will allow you to exercise more intensely, leading to greater stimulus to the muscles. This is great if you are trying to build muscle or increase strength.  In addition, good posture helps burn a higher number of calories  during and after activity which is beneficial if your goal is to get leaner, tone-up, or lose weight.

Also, maintaining good posture ensures that the joints of the body are in the most ideal position to accept forces.  Performing resistance exercise when our joints are not in proper alignment can lead to increased stress and wear and tear to the joints and other surrounding tissues that can lead to injury.

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