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Alimentation or the daily diet is something simple, but we like to complicate it

Hey guys, Andrew from Eat’s healthy here and in today’s episode I will discuss the daily diet.

From my experience as a PT and a chef, I do have some things to say about this thing that scares, some of us so much: Daily diet!

If we eat too many carbs we’ll get extra weight, if we try to eat healthily it’s boring, we can’t eat sweets because it’s bad for our teeth, we have to count the calories because otherwise, we get fat, we have to put everything that we eat in an app to count all the calories. And the crazy thing that I saw is there are apps that tell you how to eat, what to eat and so on. How to eat? I just put the food in my mouth 😊) and that’s it!

The daily diet is very simple but we like to complicate it and in this way, a lot of people make a lot of money on our back.

First, as a personal trainer, I never encourage my clients to count their calories because I don’t see the point, why?

Because I didn’t work with athletes, I just work with normal people that want to lose weight and feel much better.

If you are a normal person, I don’t think you need to count everything that you eat, you have to enjoy your life, not lose your life with applications that tell you if something is good to eat or not.

If you do like this, after some time you will develop an obsession about that app and when you will give up you will not know what to do, you will be like “ much did I eat today?, maybe I ate too much, let’s cut out some food from tomorrow” and this becomes another source of stress.

And I don’t think that you want more stress that you have.

Let’s face it, every person knows what the problems in their diet are. Maybe they eat too much, maybe they eat too much sugar, maybe they eat late in the night, maybe they don’t work out and other stuff like this.

But the main problem is that we don’t do something from the mental point of view, to decide that from today we will try to change something, and do at least baby steps. We don’t have to change all the diet, we just have to change little things and then with perseverance results will appear.

For example, if you used to drink…let’s say 0.5l of coke/day. You know that is bad for you. The first baby step that you can take is to drink from today just 250ml /day, so cut in half the quantity. And also to drink more water.

Do you know what it will happen? You will feel some headaches for 2 or maybe 3 days, depending on how long you have been doing this bad habit.

But you decide, that from today you will do something, and you will find the power to resist and not drink more coke.

Every time and every big change starts with small little step and changes.

The daily diet is simple, 3 meals/day. Now because of the problem with obesity, diabetes, cancer and other medical conditions, of this, there will be different diets, like eating only fats, eat only protein, eat just once /day and other stuff like this. Why? Because we just complicate things.

If everyone eats just 3 meals/day these problems will disappear, you will not need to do crazy things and at the same time, you will enjoy your life.

Why most of people don’t have 3 meals/day? Because they say that they don’t have time, but the main question is “Are you important or not?” seriously “Are you?” Because most of the people they place their career and the job in the first place and then they still ask themselves “why am I not fit? Or ‘Why do I get extra weight?’ Because where we focus, we put more work and dedication.

If you focus on the career you will put all the work in there and get the results. If you focus on your body you will put all the work in there and get results. You know what I mean.

But in the same time, you can reach a balance or you can just think how important you are in your life and how many advantages you will have if you get a fit body and a healthy diet that will help you more to accomplish things in your career. What about that?

Everyone likes to have snacks between meals, but why don’t we try to have healthy snacks like fruits, nuts, seeds and other stuff like this?

Because of our stress and how we manage this stress: “do you manage your stress?” “do you know how to do it?” “Did you try until now?” Yes, I know are difficult questions but this is our life, full of problems, we just have to find solutions and not kill ourselves with every stressful situation.

The bad snacks or the ones full of sugar, play with our body and mind and develop a happy mood that we will think will last forever. But when the sugar is gone from our body we start crawling again after this sugar.

If we just give us 10 minutes/day to meditate, to attract good vibes and thoughts in our head and appreciate what we have, we will be able to manage the stress and in this way, we will not need more sugar in our bodies to make us feel ok.

In this way, you can change the bad habit of sugary snacks with healthier ones.

Because I don’t want to bore you, I will stop here for the moment and just tell you that the diet is simple: 3 meals/ day. The complicated part is to fight with your thoughts and put yourself on the first place, manage the stress because all of your life will be full of problems and you just have to find solutions, so, for example, start meditating for 10 minutes/day.

See you next time on the next episode and don’t forget, if you change your mind, you will change your habits. Just do it.

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