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Amazing tips & tricks from a PT


1-Please tell us a little bit about you and your background in fitness.
I am based in London Personal trainer, Exercise referral, Nutrition and Correction experience specialist.

2-How old are you?


3-How did you start?

Just decided to make my hobby profession and started my steadies and was studying for 7 years . Have learned different techniques, developed my personal skills and step by step by learning on my own mistakes became professional and putting my heart to provide the best services as I can to the people.

4-Why do you do what you do? For how long have you been doing this?
I just love this , feel like a little god who building human bodies and making them happier and healthier. Also study to get psychology degree to give as much support to people as possible.

5- What is your daily routine?
Now very different , because of Covid 19 situation. I do my short workout or morning run, train people online via zoom app ,listening online lectures , train online again …

6-How does your meal plan look like?
Do not have any specific meal plan , just trying to balance food to stay healthy.

7-What do you think that people should do to achieve a healthy lifestyle?
Believe in positive result, be ready to change and be disciplined.

8-What are your 5 tips for people to manage their daily meals and exercise?

1. Quality sleep

2. Drink enough water (1.5-2.5L) a day

3. Combination of cardio and weight training is the best way to keep you healthy

4. Motivate yourself or find what motivates you

5. Know your limits

9-What is the first thing a person should do if he/she wants to lose weight?

Find motivation

10-Are you for or against counting calories?
Depending of the persons goals

11-Can you tell us 3 exercises that you recommend for a daily routine?


12-What is your plan in the fitness industry?

To be as much professional as I can and be as much useful as I can .
Want to have my own gym

13-Do you have motivation quotes ?

We all want not just to live longer , but also we want quality old age . And only way to achieve this goal is to keep your body healthy today !

Thank you!!

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