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Another great PT-another great advice Scott Leahy

1) Please tell us a little bit about you and your background in fitness.

How old are you?


How did you start?

I started off as an athlete in cycling and after an injury I went into biomechanical bicycle fitting where I spent just over eight years, working with athletes and the general population. As a former athlete I have always been interested in fitness and performance so after I left the bicycle trade I then ventured into personal training and opened my own personal training studio in Richmond upon the Thames, after a few successful years an opportunity presented its self with Third Space where I now work as a movement and performance coach in the Marylebone club.


Why do you do what you do? For how long have you been doing this?


I enjoy working with people, it is a passion to help others in achieving their goals in fitness. Currently, I have been a coach for just over five years or so.


2) What is your daily routine?


I am generally up around 5 am, from there I will be training clients until around 3 pm or so, then will train myself for around 90 minutes before heading home… oh, I should mention I would have eaten around 5/6 times throughout the day, food is life!


3) How does your meal plan look like?


I have prepared breakfast, lunches and snacks for when I am working which I will batch cook/make on the weekend, the reason for this is simply that I know what I am putting nutrient and calorie-wise into my body so it’s easier to stick to my fitness regime. For dinner, I would tend to make something from scratch every single night, apart from weekends where I will have some sort of takeaway but still making sure I stick to my food goals.


4) what do you think that people should do to achieve a healthy lifestyle?


Move well, move often and in the areas, you are not sure educated by seeking to advise for a fitness professional.


5) what are your 5 tips for people to manage their daily meals and exercise?


  1. Prepare your meals (don’t just go to pret)
  2. Pre-pack your gym bag the night before
  3. Try to hit the gym before work so it sets you up for the day ahead.
  4. Make sure you are enjoying training, make it part of your life, do not see it as a chore.
  5. Set yourself a realistic and achievable goal, do not compare yourself to someone on social media, only compared you to you.


6) what is the first thing a person should do if he/she wants to lose weight?


My advice would be to have a chat with a fitness professional and establish your short-term, medium-term and long-term goals, with an action plan on how to do so. This will you the best chance not just to losing the weight but to keep that weight off in the future.


7) are you for or against counting calories?


Nope, it is a great tool to get you onto the right path, but educating yourself on how many calories you are putting into your body and reading the label on foods is key to not tracking your food forever. I have worked with many many clients where we have started tracking calories and then eventually stopped altogether and they have managed not only to lose lots of weight (body fat) but I’ve also kept that body fat off and are leading very happy healthy lifestyles.


8) can you tell us 3 exercises that you recommend for a daily routine?


Daily I would recommend to walk as much as you possibly can, foam roll (self-massage) and to stretch, preferably before going to bed as studies have shown this could be more beneficial.


9) what is your plan in the fitness industry?


Moving forward in the industry I will be looking to become one of our elite trainers at Third Space and I am also currently looking into a management role within the company.


10) do you have any motivational quotes?


Don’t just train for today, but train for life.


Many thanks

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