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Are vegan cakes good for me?

Are vegan cakes good for me?

Well, it depends on what’s inside.

Many vegan products are like a science experiment, filled with ingredients you might not recognize or understand. The rule is simple: the more processed the food, the fewer nutrients, and it could cause problems in the long run.

If you check the ingredients list and it looks like a mystery, it might not be so good for you, even if it’s vegan.

Take our vegan cakes, for example. We use nuts, seeds, fruits, and a sweetener (honey or agave syrup). It’s straightforward, just mixing things together.

In our view, our vegan cakes are good for you, especially when you’re craving something sweet but want to avoid all the refined sugar and processed stuff you find on the shelves these days.

Our main goal is to help people cut down on their refined sugar intake, and so far, we’ve saved 178kg of refined sugar.

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