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Are vegan cakes okay for people with diabetes?

Are vegan cakes okay for people with diabetes?

It’s a common question, but there’s no straightforward answer. Nowadays, many vegan cakes have strange ingredients, making it confusing to know what’s really good.

Some companies use a bunch of chemicals to make their cakes taste better, and that can be a problem.

We’ve had customers with diabetes (type 1 and 2) who ordered from us and had no issues, mostly choosing agave syrup.

We always suggest checking with your doctor about our ingredients to make sure our cakes are right for you. Some people asked us to leave out dates because they have sugar, but it’s not just about sugar—it’s about whether it causes big spikes.

Tests comparing sugar from dates and Coca-Cola showed significant differences in spike levels. As we mentioned, it’s best to talk to your doctor about the ingredients we use for our vegan cakes—nuts, seeds, fruits, and a sweetener (agave syrup or honey).

Just a few simple and natural ingredients.

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