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Are you vegan?

“Are you vegan?”

Is a common question when I mention my venture into crafting vegan cakes. Addressing this question, I’ve encountered a few perspectives. Some hold the misconception that vegan products are exclusively for those practicing veganism, perpetuating a stigma. Another belief is that the taste of vegan products suffers due to limited ingredient options. Moreover, some associate veganism with a quasi-religious fervor, pressuring others to conform.

This situation poses a challenge, as many miss out on genuinely delicious products by dismissing them prematurely. Exploring vegan options occasionally can lead to delightful discoveries, potentially falling in love with a healthier alternative. Admittedly, not all vegan products excel, not in taste but in their ingredient choices. Examining ingredient lists often reveals a chemistry-like complexity, raising concerns about the perceived healthiness.

When I started baking vegan cakes, skepticism prevailed, with many reluctant to taste them. However, upon persistent encouragement, people were pleasantly surprised by the flavors. Even skeptics have left positive reviews, acknowledging the deliciousness despite their reservations. My goal isn’t to impose veganism but to create enticing products with simple, wholesome ingredients that are both delectable and healthier. Ultimately, the invitation is simple:

“You should try our vegan cakes.”

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