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Beetroot & halloumi salad with pomegranate and dill

Make an easy salad with three of your 5-a-day. Halloumi with juicy pomegranate seeds and the crunch of pumpkin seeds is a moreish combination

1 medium red onion, halved and thinly sliced
2 tbsp apple cider vinegar
2 oranges
4 handfuls rocket leaves
2 cooked beetroots, chopped
drop rapeseed oil, for frying
80g thinly sliced halloumi, slices halved
80g pomegranate seeds
2 tbsp pumpkin seeds
a handful of mint leaves
few sprigs dill, chopped


Put the sliced onion in a bowl, add the vinegar and toss well. Cut the peel and pith from the orange then segment over the onion bowl to make sure that you catch any juice.

Pile the rocket onto plates and dot over the beetroot and orange. Rub a drop of oil around a non-stick frying pan then fry the halloumi in the pan for about 30 seconds each side until golden.

Stir the pomegranate into the onions and spoon this and all the dressing, over the rocket, then top with the halloumi and scatter with the pumpkin seeds, mint and dill.


recipe from bbcgoodfood

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