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Take your chest workout and results to the next level!

There’s no denying that heavy bench press is the king in building a massive well-rounded chest, but by adding some additional angles, positions, and techniques we can be more effective and trigger more growth.

Following a solid chest workout tailored towards hypertrophy is a good start.

Pushing yourself in the gym, getting out that extra rep, and breaking down the muscle will undoubtedly get you results!

Our goal is to optimize those results by taking it to the next level!  It’s not just about training harder, but also smarter.


Exercise Sets Reps
Flat Dumbbell Press 4* 6-8
Incline Dumbbell Press 5* 6-8
Hammer Strength Decline Press 4 8-12
Cable crossover or Machine Flys 4 8-12
Pushups 3 Failure

*On the final set perfrom a drop set totaling 20 reps.


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