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If you have a small business in the food industry you have to know our business proposal

Coffee shop | Restaurant | Hotel

1) How can we help your business

– You don’t have a minimum order
– We do a free sample presentation for you and your customers
– Competitive price
– Only healthy ingredients
– Save time and money with us
– We keep in touch weekly to see how can we help you to don’t have wastage

– Advertising your business on our social media platforms and our website

2) About us & what we do

“Eat’s Health offers a variety of sugar-free sweets that are both tasty and healthy, for you, your family and your friends. Our sweets bring you smiles and happiness, with absolutely no sugar involved.”

What we do:
Raw vegan cakes where we use over 500 g of fruit in each one
Balls and protein bars for snack time
Cold cheesecakes where we use only cottage cheese
Public presentations about a healthy lifestyle

3) Social Media

We know how important is to have a strong image on social media and that’s why we are on each platform.
We constantly growing and bringing value to our audience.
We all see how important is social media when the COVID-19 appeared.
Especially for restaurants and Coffee shops. Your business will be promoted on our pages every Friday!


Contact us right now to set up a meeting and a sample presentation.

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