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In terms of yes and no questions, this is usually one of the easiest to answer: Do you want bigger arms?

Of course you do. Odds are if you have a pulse and don’t mind flexing your tricep or bicep every time you walk by a mirror then you want bigger arms.

I’ve done a little bit of everything to get my arms to grow. Most of this training involved thinking outside of the box. Blasting away at your biceps and triceps with the same exercises and rep schemes only gets you so far. But when you decide to switch up your arm training there has to be a method to the madness.

I’ve definitely got the arm workout madness covered. I make sure to add in a lot of different intensity techniques, approaches, rep ranges and much more when my arms needed a jumpstart.

To help you on your own journey to massive arms, I attached four of my favorite arm workouts. They were initially created and shared on the MusclePharm social media channels.

Each is unique and has its own special method that is sure to get your arms growing again.

Let’s dive into why I like each of them so you can start plugging them into your workouts.



The 28-Method is a big part of a couple of my workouts. I use it because I believe wholeheartedly that it can create big improvements in your arm size.

In fact, I have an entire workout dedicated to the 28 Method. It is

one of the most beneficial arm workouts I’ve ever done.

If you don’t know, a 28-Method movement is a no rest exercise. It targets and isolates an entire muscle group. It’s similar to “21 Curls” which have been popular for years. I simply decided to up the intensity. To do the 28-Method you do:

  • 7 normal reps
  • 7 slow reps (slow up and down)
  • 7 half reps at the top
  • 7 half reps at the bottom

The slower reps really take this method to a whole new level. Applying it to a full workout just unleashes pure chaos upon your arms. Be warned – the weight you use will have to be greatly reduced to get through the workout, but the end result – bigger arms – is what we’re after and this will do the trick.

The Arm Assault workout is also a great mix of low-rep mass movements and high-rep exercises to keep your arms guessing, polishing them off with the 28-Method.

Biceps & Triceps
Exercise Sets Reps
Heavy Quad Set 5
Straight Bar Curls 8
Skullcrushers 8
Standing Alternating Dumbbell Curls 8
Heavy Straight Bar Push Downs 12
Volume Quad Set 5
Straight Bar Preacher Curl 20
Bench Dips 20
Reverse Curls 20
Straight Bar Push Downs 20
Unique Exercise Finishers 5
Bodyweight Tricep Rope Press 15
Alternating Incline Curls With A Twist (6 reps, twist for 5 seconds, then 2 more reps) 6+2
Rep-Hold Tricep Rope Pushdowns 8
28-Method Barbell Curls See above

workout from yourtrainer

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