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Daily habits that will determine what body you have


Hello everyone, I am back again and welcome to Eat’s Healthy’s podcast.

Today we will be talking about habits, and how these can determine the type of body and mindset you have.


Everyone has habits – habits that you are aware of, and habits that you aren’t.

Habits are actions that you take on a daily basis which can determine a lot of things about you and your body.

These start to become a routine, for example smoking cigarettes every day, going to the gym, eating fast food regularly, and drinking a glass of water every morning after you wake up.

All of these are habits, and they are what determines the way you are and what you become.


We have both good and bad habits. Everyone and everything can harm or help you, but the power lies in your hands and it is your decision to act accordingly.

Even though this is the case, it seems that it is much easier to develop bad habits over good ones.


Take this as an example:

If you smoke one cigarette/ day, it will only be a short period of time before you start doing this bad habit unconsciously. At the same time, your lungs, blood and brain will be negatively affected. This ultimately develops into a bad habit which is easy to maintain because it creates pleasure, encourages laziness and does not require much effort to achieve.

But, on the other hand, if you go to the gym on a regular basis, people can start to notice the difference as your body will undergo positive changes. Most of the time, this habit will be conscious and if you don’t go to the gym you might feel that something doesn’t feel right.

This is a good habit – which is harder to develop because it pushes us away from our comfort zone. We become angry as these require more effort to maintain, causing us to dislike the situation.

That is the difference between bad and good habits. It is important you are aware that it is completely up to you to decide the habits you want to maintain, but also the habits you want to stop which prevent you from bettering your mind and your body.


“ Every time when you want to be certain in what you do you have to do daily exercise for your mind to become a habit and in this way, you will feel the power of the habit.

Let’s say that starting today, you will say positive affirmations to yourself such as ‘I am smart, I can do this, I have a great job, I can achieve my goals, I will lose this amount of weight’ and so on and so forth.

It may be hard to do this at first, especially if in the past 2-10 years you were in an environment or had parents that constantly encouraged negative self-talk, telling you that you are worthless, stupid, unable to perform well.

This may have developed a fear inside of you preventing you from taking positive action like trying new things and pursuing what you love.

It becomes a habit, a bad habit, as it is your choice to stay in that environment and listen to / believe what they say. It is a habit that you must work to combat so you can change yourself for the better. ”


Begin by selecting some habits for your brain and do them daily. For example, starting from today you can develop the habit of reading positive content such as motivational quotes, or listen to inspiring people. You can even watch a documentary of someone’s success (especially in the area that you want to excel in).

Stop listening to the negativity that prevents you from growing. You can begin telling your family that you want to be happy, explaining they don’t have to criticise all the steps you take to achieve your goals.

When you set these small positive habits for your mind, you will start to see a major difference in your mood.

If you don’t believe me, just give it a try.


After you’ve achieved these good habits for your mind, you can start developing and achieving good habits for your body.

These are harder to achieve because they often involve pain, and most of the time push you out of your comfort zone making it much easier to give up.

That’s why it is very important to set your mind first then try your best to attain good habits for your body.


Don’t forget that baby steps are very important in this process. Try to achieve one habit at a time instead of many in a short period of time. Doing too much at once is a recipe for disaster, which can make you feel disappointed in yourself and cause you to lose motivation.

Instead, it is much more effective to devote yourself to one area and focus on the single outcome that you want. Achieve this first, then branch out to other habits you want to develop.


Don’t rush it, and take your time, and most importantly you need to make it happen by trying, taking action and taking that first step. Also, if you want any help or advice we are available for support. Leave your comments below or you can also message us through Whatsapp or email your inquiries to

See you in our next episode 😊

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