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How did we create the idea of Eat’s Healthy?

Hey guys, Andrew from Eat’s healthy here and in today’s episode I will discuss how this idea was born here in London.


To explain how we came up with this idea, I think it’s important that you guys should know some things about my background.


Back home in Romania, I was a fitness personal trainer for 5-6 years and I was also a nutritionist, you can find more about my results on my website on

During my activity as a personal trainer, I helped more than 100 people to lose weight and become healthier.

I wanted to help more and more people to lose weight, but I couldn’t have like 30 clients per day because a personal trainer works just with one person at a time.

I began to search for a solution and I came with the idea of starting a business with healthy food because I saw that the biggest problem was the way people eat.

I began to learn the skills of a chef and recipes and I developed myself, so in this way “Healthy Catering” was born. I started the production and delivery of healthy food to people’s door, and they were receiving a full menu for the whole day for all-day (3 meals and 2 fruits).

After 4 years we helped over 1000 people to lose weight and basically we helped them burning of over 3,5 tons of fat.

The main cause for people that take in weight is food and nutrition, but there are background reasons behind the diet.

People have 2 reasons:

First, people put themselves in second place and the job in the first place.

The second reason is the excuse that we don’t have time, so we quickly grab some sweets or products with a lot of sugar that eventually cause addiction and because of the energy we think that’s all we need to do

In this way, after some time they get extra weight, diabetes, problems with insulin, pancreas, liver, immune system and so on…

I kept thinking of how to help more people, so I thought about starting another business and bring people from the UK to Romania to do medical tourism and help them lose weight, but it was a little bit complicated so I gave up.

Eventually, I decided to sell the catering business and move to London to create here something that will help people to manage this problem with sweets.

We just launched this idea in March 2019, we are an early start-up with great potential and a continuous drive to help people develop a healthier lifestyle.

So what we do is, we just combine fruits, nuts, seeds, honey and cocoa butter to make some great products like cakes, balls and protein bars, to give to our clients an alternative to the normal sweets.

Eat’s Healthy cakes and sweets are more nutritional and healthier than usual sweets because we use the whole fruit and only natural nuts and seeds, no cooking and no artificial sugar.

Now that you know what is our story, I think you will help us grow this idea and help a lot of people to approach the healthy sweets, or even better if they want to give up sugar with no stress.

Thank you all for listening our podcast. Stay close because we’ll keep offering good information for a simple and healthy lifestyle.

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