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How do we see Eat’s Healthy in 5 years and what do we want to do with this idea?

Hey guys, Andrew from Eat’s healthy here and in today’s episode I will discuss our dream, Eat’s Healthy dream.

Ok guys, because now that you got used to us and you know more about us and the idea behind this brand Eat’s Healthy, I want to tell you how we see this idea and what is our plan to help people.

The sugar is everywhere, everyone knows that. People who want to reduce the sugar consumption they don’t have the environment to make this happen, So here we come, with the idea of developing our products to be sold first on delivery apps, and directly on our website.

By this, when you crave for sugar in the evening in front of the TV or Netflix, whatever, you can order on the mobile app. Or if you just want a healthy cake for a party or you want just to enjoy the weekend with some sweets, you will be able to order a cake directly on our website.

After we build this brand and we make a client database, we want to open a franchise and a concept with small places where to sell only healthy products, so in this way, if you are anywhere in London and you don’t want to enter in a supermarket to buy something full of sugar, you will have a closer healthy shop next to the corner.

Also, we want to collaborate with gym chains where we can set up a little bar just with sugar-free products.

In the same time, we want to support every person that have problems with losing weight or giving up sugar, to assist them with advice and ideas on what a healthy diet means, with personal training sessions and everything that means a healthy life.

Eat’s Healthy will try extremely hard to help a lot of people and we hope we will have all of your support.

We hope in the next five years that we’ll bring a lot of value to people with this idea.



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