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How long should last a workout?

Yes, everyone is concern about how long should last a workout. The real problem is that people forget about the idea of daily exercise and if they start to exercise they have to do it properly and spend the right amount of time in the gym.

Please just “Do something!!!”

Is not about 1-hour workout or 30 minute etc. it’s about doing something every single day.

It’s about pumping some blood in your muscles, to feel alive, to feel the pain, to feel your heart running faster. This is all about right now, you are not an athlete, you are a normal person that needs to be healthier.

Think about this idea and try to do 3 exercises for 10 minutes, 100 reps from each, crunches for abs, squats for legs and press-ups for the upper body. 4 sets each with a break between them for 6 months.

It’s about good habits and not becoming an athlete.

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