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Marco Polonelli personal trainer
Interview made by Manuela Iannella
  1. Please tell us a little bit about you and your background in fitness.

I’ve been always into sports since I was a kid, I used to be always very slim and skinny but at the age of 17, my body weight was 51kg, which means 6-7 kg under the average of a healthy weight. I was lacking self-esteem and confidence in myself. The reason why I decided to start with the gym, my motivation was over the roof, I wanted to gain weight/muscles over a long period of time. At that time I was studying nutrition and I knew what to eat to combine food & training to get the best results out of it. I was so consistent with everything. Day by day the gym and the fitness industry became my main passion due to the results that I was achieving. The reason why I transformed my passion in my current working career as a PT.

2. How old are you?

I’m 25 years old (will turn 26 this Sunday the 24th of January 😅)

3. How did you start?

After working as a chef for about 4 years of my life (between Italy, Germany and UK); I decided to get a qualification as a PT and couldn’t make a better choice because I love my job and I love helping people to reach and achieve their own fitness goals as I did.

4. Why do you do what you do? For how long have you been doing this?

Like I said in the answer above I’m doing this because I genuinely want to help people to feel better physically and mentally like I did. I’m working as a qualified PT for 3 years but I’m in the industry for 9 years.

5. What is your daily routine?

My routine at the moment consists in: working on my future online business (lots of editing and laptop work), training clients 1 to 1, training myself and have time to go for a walk very important to keep my mind clear at all time and meal prepping along the week (eating healthy is a staple in my routine).

6. How does your meal plan look like?

I don’t have a specific meal plan that I follow, not now that we’re in lockdown but either when I’m normally working/training. One of my main passion is cooking (the reason why I’ve been working as a chef too), however, I like tracking my macros and the right amount of calories I need to have on a daily basis and eat in the right macros range while keeping variety with my food. I’m avoiding at all time processed foods because I do prefer to cook everything from scratch with healthier solutions and fresh products.


7. What do you think that people should do to achieve a healthy lifestyle?

If people want to achieve a big change in their habits and/or life; they need to change their mindset towards a healthy lifestyle. It’s all it matters.


8. What are your 5 tips for people to manage their daily meals and exercise?

1) walk 10000 steps a day

2) tracking macronutrients

3) emphasise protein intake meaning that main meals should be around protein sources

4) avoiding eating “healthy” high-calorie foods in big quantity

5) avoiding liquid calories


9. What is the first thing a person should do if he/she wants to lose weight?

Stick to a calorie deficit


10. Are you for or against counting calories?

I totally agree with tracking calories if you want to achieve real goals but not everybody needs it


11. Can you tell us 3 exercises that you recommend for a daily routine?

Squat & variations; deadlift & variations; overhead press movements because they’re compounds movements meaning that more than one muscle group is involved in a single movement


12. What is your plan in the fitness industry?

Creating my own business and doing what I love and I’m truly passionate about it while helping other people achieving their personal fitness goals. That’s the main focus that will give me in the future a good income too, everyone is seeking a successful career.


13. Do you have any motivational quotes?

To learn to succeed, you must first learn how to fail. Michael Jordan


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