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Personal trainer Daniela Haley

1-Please, tell us a little bit about you and your background in fitness.


My name is Daniela Haley and I am a health and fitness enthusiast. My ambition is to change the lifestyle of the clients, inspiring them with new ideas and concepts about nutrition, exercise, and leading a healthier lifestyle. By incorporating these principles, I believe we can together achieve the ultimate goal of healthier, longer, and happier lives! I also encourage the importance of overall body and mind well-being and believe that the body will achieve what the mind believes.

2-How old are you?

Late 30’s

3-How did you start?


A healthy lifestyle and exercise is not something I grew up with, rather it is something I was drawn to after being unhealthy and unhappy working in corporate offices for years.  Over time, I have gradually made some critical changes in her lifestyle through healthy eating and regular exercise, and now I cannot emphasise enough their benefits.

4-Why do you do what you do? For how long have you been doing this?

I have left a corporate career in accounting to become a certified personal trainer 6 years ago.


Having a stronger body, higher energy levels, improved health and positive psychological changes were assuring her that this was a path I wanted to pursue. As getting myself on this path has helped me enormously, I would like to empower myself in helping others to experience similar positive changes in their lives.


5- What is your daily routine?


First, I get a big glass of water with squeezed lemon and coffee…


I usually get my exercise in first thing in the morning.

I also read daily, meditate.

I do my work, clients, clients admin etc

Then I prepare dinner and spend some quality time with my husband.


6-How does your meal plan look like?


It changes daily for the most part. In the morning I like to fast, usually start at about 11-12 noon with porridge, or eggs. With the rest of my meals I focus on getting enough proteins, good fats and complex carbs, for most part glutenfree.

7-What do you think that people should do to achieve a healthy lifestyle?

I believe they should educate themselves about nutrition, know what’s good and bad for their body. And they should move more, hit 10,000 steps a day, and get few workouts a week in. And also stress plays a big part, try to remain stress-free, meditate, do what you love doing.

8-What are your 5 tips for people to manage their daily meals and exercise?


  1. Try to get your exercise in first thing in the morning; it has the best effect on the day. And if you don’t prioritize it, it probably won’t get done.
  2. Start small, even if you can only start with 20 mins a day and slowly build from there.
  3. Try to plan for your meals ahead of time, make meal preps for few days ahead.
  4. With regards to nutrition, try to focus on healthy whole foods, clean proteins, good fats and grains, try to get sugar out of your diet.
  5. Drink plenty of water and limit or eliminate alcohol intake.

9-What is the first thing a person should do if he/she wants to lose weight?


Drink more water, at least 3 litres a day and cut out all other fluids, especially alcohol, fizzy drinks etc.

10-Are you for or against counting calories?

I am not pro or against, whatever works for you.

11-Can you tell us 3 exercises that you recommend for a daily routine?

Stretch, if you are able to do that one thing in the morning, it would help with your day enormously.


Then I would recommend at least 20 mins of cardiovascular exercise either through going for a run, bike ride or high-intensity Interval training.


12-What is your plan in the fitness industry?

My plan and mission is to help more people to get fitter, happier and healthier.

13-Do you have any motivational quotes?


Don’t count the days, make the days count!

Don’t wait till tomorrow, start now!


Thank you!!


Interview made by Manuela Iannella

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