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“I never tried a healthy cake until now”
“I don’t know what to expect from a plant-based cake that’s why I don’t order one”
“I don’t want to feel that artificial sweetener taste that’s why I avoid this kind of cakes”

These are the most common reasons why people don’t want to try a plant-based cake but…


Order your sample & collect it from our kitchen for FREE‼

You will receive a sample from each one of our products. Raw vegan cake, joy balls, energy bars & smoothie.

In exchange please judge us with a review on Google to know your opinion.

This offer will be for a limited period so hurry up.

Help us destroy the myths.

Ingredients: sunflower seeds, gluten-free oats, peanuts*, cacao butter, fruit, honey/ agave syrup, cashew nuts*, *peanut butter, desiccated coconut.

*If you are allergic to nuts, seeds please ask our staff about the product

*Available only for pick up from our kitchen from 40 selvage lane NW7 3SP


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