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Stop refined sugar intake!

Stop refined sugar intake! Well, not all of it, but it’s a very good idea to reduce it as much as possible, and there are multiple reasons for doing so.

If you look around now, for example in supermarkets, fast food, takeaway, and restaurants, you will see many products with a very high quantity of refined sugar. It’s highly addictive, helps products have a long shelf life, is cheap, and companies pour lots of money into ads to promote their products with high quantities of refined sugar.

The idea of nutritious products is no longer a priority for people because everything is fast-paced, and multitasking is the new superpower. People just need something to fill their stomachs and be able to work more.

Nowadays, the concept of nutritious products is more for wealthy people; they are very expensive and seemingly without reason.

The rate of obesity increases year by year, and we either don’t know why or pretend not to know why.

We do our best with our vegan cakes to show people they can reduce their refined sugar intake. They are very nutritious as well, blending nuts, seeds, and fruits. We’ve made a highly nutritious product affordable again because you deserve better, and so do we.

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