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Hey guys, this is Andrew from team Eat’s Healthy, and in today’s episode I will discuss about sugar.

Yes, yes, I know everyone knows how bad sugar is for our body but I just want to tell you about the advantages that you’ll have if you cut out the sugar from your diet.

No.1 As you already know, if you reduce the sugar intake from your diet it helps losing weight. Because nowadays most of the food products contain sugar, it’s hard to fight with this idea of cutting out the sugar from our diet, however we can contribute by avoiding products like juices/sodas and sweets.

You don’t have to cut all of them at once, baby steps are the best to accomplish a goal like this.

No.2 is about your daily stamina. If you reduce the sugar intake, depending on how addicted you are, you may have some headaches at the beginning 😊)

But don’t worry, after 2-3 days without sugar your body will get back to normal and you’ll have more energy, because this will create a stable mood.

No.3 is a funny one: do you want white teeth? Or do you wish to keep your natural teeth undamaged? Cut the sugar intake from your diet and they will be safer and in the same time you won’t spend money on dentists’ appointments.

No.4 is about your skin. A perfect skin doesn’t go well with sugar. Sugar can dehydrate your skin and it will look a little bad especially if you go to parties very often.

No.5 Did you know that if you cut out the sugar, you can concentrate much better? Some studies also suggest a link between the spikes and crashes of blood sugar levels to symptoms of mood disorders such as depression, possibly because sugar suppresses the activity of a hormone called BDNF, which is low in people with depression.

No.6 Your digestion will get better, because those sweet crystals can irritate your stomach and cause you discomfort.

No.7 Sugar that doesn’t get used as energy is converted into fatty acids that become triglycerides – a type of fat that circulates in your blood. One study suggests that consuming high levels of sugar can cause changes to your blood markers in as little as 10 weeks. High levels of triglycerides increase your risk of developing heart diseases and stroke, so reducing your sugar intake may help protect you from cardiovascular problems later in life.

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