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The benefits of sport in our life.

Hey guys, this is Andrew from team Eat’s Healthy, and in today’s episode I will discuss about The benefits of sport in our life.


  1. Choose a sports activity that you’ll enjoy most.

Everyone knows that sports is like oxygen for the body but only few people want to workout their body to take all the advantages from this activity.

Sports is like a job in life, you have to search and find something that you enjoy doing. Don’t ask yourself ‘why you don’t lose weight’ or ‘how you can be fitter’,  try to ask more like ‘what sport can I do to enjoy it?’ because in that moment your brain will search for an answer that can truly help you.

The sport is not like a drug that you can take for 1 week or month and the illness will vanish.

The sport is like a job. You have do it until you get retired, and if you really enjoy your job for sure you will do it after retirement, so the same is with sports.

2. If you don’t like sport, just do one that you don’t like 😊)

Some people don’t like to go to the gym and work with weights and others don’t like to run.

The best thing with sports is that if you do something that you don’t like, you will start to enjoy it as soon as you see results: you will feel better, you will be fit, you will be healthier, you will upgrade your body.

All these things are called progress, every time you make progress happiness will knock on your door.

That’s why sports is like a job, but better that an usual job. In an usual job, your progress depends also on you manager or on the company, if there are opportunities for a promotion. But in sports, you are your own manager.


3. Sport is life.

I don’t have time. Everyone has this excuse but trust me, everyone has at least half an hour to do some exercise. Wake up earlier, go to sleep later, give up the lunch break, but keep searching for a solution to make some time for sports, because in the end it’s all about you and your body.

Sports is about making you stronger, fitter, improving your immune system.

With these, you will have more stamina, you will focus much better, your body will have the strength to fight bacterias, your stress level will decrease, that means you will be much happier.

The immune system is very important as you know but the sport doesn’t bring something new in it to make him stronger.

The muscular contraction will activate a system in your body that’s called Lymph system, this one manages your immune system. I don’t want to say complicate things, just imagine that in your body you have a system similar to blood veins. In this Lymph system there is an important liquid that has to move continuously to protect your body, and in order to move it needs muscular contraction. The more muscular contractions, the better the liquid will move without stopping and in this way your body will be protected.

For the moment this is all that you need to know about this lymph system.

4. Sport pain protect you from many other pains in life.

You might say that it’s too hard or it’s too painful to do all that exercise.

Ok, but it’s not painful when you catch a cold and all your body is on fire and your head is hurting and you don’t feel good, and you can’t move from your bed  and you can’t take care of your children, and you can’t get out to party.

Or maybe you have another bacteria in your body that causes you pain and you have to suffer until your body destroys that infection.

Or there are sad cases when a family member passes away, or you breakup with your partner and it brings depressing moods, that type of suffering that you can’t repair with pills, and that stays for a long period of time.

You will find pain throughout all your life, doesn’t matter if it’s body pain or soul pain, you will have it like everyone else will.

What does sports do for you? It can make your body stronger like I said earlier, it will fight with all the bacteria and viruses from out there and you will recover much faster or you will not get sick so fast.

Sports can make your body produce a steroid, a steroid of happiness, and when you encounter that mental pain the steroid of happiness will help you not get into a state of depression and see the sad events in your life differently.


That’s why you must do sports and not for 1 day, week, month or year. It has to become a habit.

The good habit should resist a very long period and it will make a difference in your life.

You don’t like it, you don’t have time, it’s painful…doesn’t matter, because sport can give you a lot of things that can help you in a way that you can’t imagine.

I hope that all of this will make you start searching for a sport that you will or will not enjoy, but that you will just do it.

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