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In your mind, what is the most crucial upper body workout of the week?

If I had to guess, many of you answered “chest” or simply “bench”.

I’m also willing to bet that some of you would answer (in a super meat head caveman voice) “ARMS”.

And hopefully there would be at least a few of you that would agree with my answer – “Back”.

In my opinion, back day is the most crucial upper body workout of the week, and for several reasons.


Exercise Sets Reps
1. Deadlift 5 3
2a. Rack Pulls 5 3
2b. Weighted V-bar Pullups 5 5
3. T-bar Row 5 10, 8, 5, 5, 3
4a. Iso-Dumbbell Rows 3 6 each (pause at top)
4b. Standing Dumbbell Row 3 5 each side
4c. Farmer’s Walk 3 100 ft
5. Reverse Hyperextension 3 10 (no weight, pause at top)

Start this workout with the grandaddy of back thickness, the deadlift. Use the first couple of sets to work to a heavy weight, roughly 85% of your max for the last 3 triples. If necessary, take a couple extra warm up sets to build up to the proper weight.

Next up is 5 supersets of rack pulls and weighted V-bar pull ups. For the rack pulls, set a rack so that you are pulling the bar from just below the knee, with the idea being that you can use a heavier weight than conventional deadlifts from the floor. This will allow you to overload the top part of the movement. This is especially effective for thickening up your upper back and traps.

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