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The Importance of our decision in our diet.

Hey guys, Andrew from Eat’s healthy here and today’s episode I will discuss about the importance of our decision that we take regarding our diet.

We are all good when it comes to theory, but when it comes to putting it in practice, we avoid doing it and start find excuses.

This is our nature; we like the comfort zone but unfortunately this comfort zone will not make us grow.

That’s why it’s so important to make a decision when it comes to changing something in our diet and of course to get healthy habits.

You might say something like  “yes, I just took the decision that from tomorrow I will cut out sugar from my diet” but after 2-3 days you give up because maybe it’s too hard, your addiction is too powerful and other excuses like this.

When you take this kind of decision, you must have some answers prepared for the question “why am I doing this”. Those answers will help you at difficult times when you might want to give up.

After you find the reasons why you want to do this, then you decide, and this decision transforms into a goal.

Set the goal for a short period of time and not for long term.

Make an easy one, don’t try to be hard on you.

When you choose an easy goal that means you will take baby steps, and these ones are the best, trust me.

You will understand that a big goal is in the same time a sum of smaller goals achieved over the time.

The small goals can show the progress and results very fast and you will feel the satisfaction that you need to push more and continue your journey.

It’s like achieving small goals motivates you to keep going and do not stop.

The power is in your hands, the decision is yours.

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