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Tips and tricks to give up sugar


Hey guys, Andrew from Eat’s healthy here and in today’s episode I will discuss tips and tricks to give up sugar.

  1. The motivation and the decision that you will take for this goal,

The most difficult thing as you already know is to decide when you should begin.
I want you to prepare your mind for the bad days that will come and I beg you to keep thinking of why you are doing this. The answers will be the motivation that you need when hard times come.

  1. Surround yourself with the sweetest fruits, for me, it’s grapes or mango.

You can choose what fruit you want; it doesn’t matter. When you are crawling after sugar, eat these fruits as much as you want, you will never gain weight.

  1. When you are hungry, don’t go for the chocolate bar, but eat a large healthy meal.

Don’t rush, remind yourself that you are very important, and you don’t have another body, it’s just this one, what you have at this moment. Take your time and eat normally, don’t skip a meal to grab in a hurry a chocolate bar. In time this thing will become a bad habit.


  1. If you feel sad or you just had a problem at work and you feel bad about it, please stop taking sweets to feel better. Just go outside and walk or just run to the second floor and come bake to your office. Exercise will make you feel better because of the happiness steroid that will be released into your body.
  2. We talked about this before but anyway I come back to say, “stay away from the artificial sweeteners” because there are playing with your mind and even worse, they can irritate organs in your body.
  3. And the most important thing is to manage your stress. How? Very simple. 10 minutes/ day meditation.

Choose a quiet room, close your eyes and for three minutes collect thoughts of appreciation for what you have (I appreciate that I can see), then the next three minutes pray for special people in your life and in the last four minutes just imagine and project the vision of accomplishment of every dream that you have.


That’s it for today, I hope these tips and tricks will help you with the sugar addiction.

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