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We don’t care if you are a vegan, vegetarian or any other “religion”

We don’t care if you are a vegan, vegetarian or any other “religion” we just want to help people to have a healthy lifestyle.

Hey guys, Andrew from Eat’s healthy here and in today’s episode I will discuss these vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free things and our business idea.

There is a known debate between what to eat and why you should give up animal protein.

Eat’s Healthy doesn’t care if you are a vegan, vegetarian if you love meat, love cheese or you just want to live with water, we just want to give products that don’t have sugar that can be consumed by everyone and make them feel better.

I think people don’t realize how much damage sugar can cause in our body and how it can even develop cancer without knowing it.

Of course, it’s not just the sugar, it’s a combination of sugar, stress and sedentarism. And sugar is a drug and not a solution, you can’t manage your problems with sugar after you eat sugar and feel better the problems will still be there and if you don’t work to manage your stress (problems) you will become addicted to sugar. Not such a big deal at first, but in time it can destroy your immune system, your body loses protection and you get exposed to so many affections.

There are a lot of studies with the impact of sugar on the cancerous cell and how it allows for that altered cell to grow.

I won’t get very much into this subject, our idea is simply to help people develop a healthy life with our products and through my experience as a PT and a Chef.

In the same time we don’t want to influence people towards a specific type of diet or to present the advantages or disadvantages of a certain diet. Our main principle is that balance is everything.

If you don’t have balance in everything that you do and eat, you will see the bad effects.

Think about this: if you eat our products daily, for each meal, and you don’t do any sports, you will for sure get extra weight.

That’s why if you don’t have balance in your life, in everything that you do and especially in what you eat, you will have to manage different levels of stress (problems), so no time for happiness.

Everything is about balance, our decisions in life are not about what is good or not.

I don’t try to say that our products are the best or they can heal you or will make you stop eating sugar, but for sure it will help you find a balance in your diet when you are addicted to sugar and you want to lose weight.

Because I know from my experience, having a healthy mind and body doesn’t depend on a single factor, there is a compilation between diet, sport and stress management.

What we want to offer to people is all these things, under the umbrella of Eat’s healthy.

If someone has any questions or wants to suggest a subject of discussion, please leave a comment and I will approach the subject in a future episode.

I hope that everyone understands what Eat’s  Healthy stands for and hope you will support us to continue our journey and help more and more people.

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