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What can you do to stay on track if you travel a lot?

Hello and welcome back to this episode. We want to thank you all for your support and we will continue to bring you a lot of value through these podcasts to help you achieve your goals.


On today’s episode, we will be talking about what you can do to stay on track with your health journey if you travel a lot. I have a lot of clients that need to travel a lot because of their job, and many of them ask me how they can stay on track, eat healthily and achieve their goals.


The first thing you should do is to make a schedule to see how many flights you will have each week or each month. If you can, include the hour your flight is scheduled as well. In this way, you can think ahead about how you can prepare your meals and your workouts around this schedule.


Depending on the time of the flight, whether it is in the morning or at night, make sure to have prepared around 2 or 3 meals based on how long it will take and how many hours you will spend in the airport.

Don’t try to make something complicated, just prepare simple vegetables, meat, salad, and good fats like nuts, seeds or yoghurt. Pack these into small boxes and take them with you in your trolly.


Please don’t make excuses saying you don’t have the time, or you don’t know what to prepare. We must focus on finding solutions and not make excuses for ourselves if we want to succeed.

Our website (eat’s healthy) has an article that can provide you with basic ideas and recipes for meals you can take with you on trips.


If you are travelling to a different country and don’t like their food, before you arrive, you can search for restaurants near your hotel and find out whether they do delivery.

Try finding restaurants that have a healthy menu, including vegetables, and see whether or not they can prepare and deliver these healthy dishes to you.

As you will find, a lot of restaurants prepare fast-food meals and it is very easy to find this everywhere. It is the healthy meals that are harder to find on the market, which is why you must put in the effort to do research in advance which will help you on your trip.


Some other very useful things include basic protein shakes that you easily make on the trip. Simply pack the powder in advance and make the shakes in the morning instead of breakfast

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