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Who will be your host in this podcast? What is about this podcast? Why should I listen?

Hello guys, my name is Andrei and I represent the brand Eat’s Healthy. I will be your host for the next episodes of this podcast.

Here we’ll discuss about the healthy aspects of life, like how can we reduce the sugar intake, practice sports, choose food, sweets and tips and tricks for doing them. I believe I should tell you first who I am and what is my background in this area.

I come from Romania, where I was a fitness personal trainer for about 5 years. I had more then 150 clients with great results, which you can check out on my website In the same time I built a small business that produced healthy food and delivered it every morning to my clients. The pack included Tlthree meals and 2 fruits every day.

From this experience I learned a lot about the human body and what is the main problem for most of the people. The main problems are the sugar addiction and the stress management. These 2 are a bad combination on the long term.

I moved to London to start this business with healthy sweets to help more and more people that have problems with sugar addiction.

I am a fitness personal trainer, nutritionist and a chef. This is my background and if you have any questions please leave it on comments bellow and I will happily answear to them. I hope that you will find useful the information in this podcast and if you want to discuss about a certain subject please do suggest and I will approach it in future episodes

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