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Why is important to write down the goals that you want?

Hello everyone, its Andrew here, and in today’s episode we will discuss why it is so important to write down your goals.

I know that a lot of people will think that is a cliché. However, this technique actually works, and if it works for a lot of people, then it means that it will work for you too.

It is all about the action you take to achieve your goals, so just do it! 😊


Have you ever wondered how kids convey their energy, emotions and love from their brain to their parents when they don’t even know how to write or talk?

The answer is very simple – they draw pictures of their family – for example, their mother and father holding hands with them together.

This drawing is definitely not a masterpiece, in fact, it’s quite bad – just a few scribbles, lines and circles.

But for parents, it is something amazing, and every time they receive this, they are sure to tell their kids how beautiful the drawing is.

Why? Because they can feel the emotion and the love that their child has put into the drawing.

Parents don’t think about the actual drawing itself as much as they think about the emotions coming from the child’s heart and brain, the emotions that have been transferred into this drawing made for them.


The same logic applies to you and your goals. At the beginning of your journey you will witness a desire that burns very strongly, and to succeed you must keep this fire alive for a long time.

You may be wondering, how can you do this?

Do this by writing down your goals on paper, sticky notes and putting them on your desk, bathroom mirrors, or on your TV – everywhere and anywhere you can. You have to be able to see your goals everywhere.

When you write these goals down, you transfer a part of your energy to the paper.

And when you see the paper, you can feel a little bit of this energy which will be the fuel to keep you going in days you feel tired or don’t want to do what it takes.

Doing a simple task like this can help you motivate yourself further, push yourself to achieve better things, and allow you to discover more about yourself every day.


This has worked for a lot of people, so you have to give it a try and start believing that this will also work for you.

Act now! 😊


See you in the next episode from our podcast Eats Healthy.

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