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Why is meditation so important when you want to lose weight?

Hello everyone, I am back with a new episode and with new information that can help you achieve a healthy lifestyle.

Today we talk about meditation and how this can help you in the process of losing weight. Actually, I think that this is very important for every person, and you should think about meditation as an instrument that manages your thoughts and stress level.

When you reduce your stress level and can manage your thoughts, you are more in charge of your emotions.

Once you can control your emotions, you can control your eating habits and your motivation to exercise.


Meditation doesn’t mean having to stay in one specific position and not thinking at all or only thinking at certain points.

Meditation simply means taking time out of your day for yourself, your thoughts and any problems that bother you.

It only takes around 5 or 10 minutes – which might initially feel like a very long time with yourself. But, after practicing this on a regular basis, you will start to see positive change and find that the time just flies by.


Each day, find a quiet room or place where no one can bother you. With your eyes closed, stay in a comfortable position and do the following things in your practice:


  • Find things that you are grateful for and appreciate

There are a lot of things that you can appreciate in your life. For example, practice gratitude for your health, your children, your husband, parents or friends. Be appreciative that you can see, walk, talk and feel. This is not an exhaustive list but simply just a few examples that will help you on this journey towards self improvement.


  • Send nice wishes to your close friends and relatives.

Try wishing things such as “I hope that the universe will give them health” or other positive things like a better life, good wealth and prosperity etc. Practicing positivity for other people will also benefit yourself, so give this a go.


  • Envision your dreams coming true and feel positive emotions.

Try to feel good vibes and emotions during your meditation. Doing so will help you retain these feelings even after you finish your practice so you can face the rest of the day with a positive, can-do attitude!


By simply doing this 5-10 minute mental exercise every day, you will find that you can start managing your daily routine much easier and more productively.

After one month of this doing this daily, you can begin to see a big change in your behaviour. You’ll be able to find solutions to problems faster as your brain is released from stress and can perform its job much better.


By doing this exercise to put you in a good mood, it will certainly positively affect you and your actions. When you start taking action, you must become proud of yourself and keep going – this is the most powerful and beneficial thing you can do for yourself.

Don’t stop until you achieve your goals.

Don’t think about meditation as something like yoga or religion.

Instead, think of meditation as a powerful tool to manage your brain and your emotions.

That is it for today.


See you in the next episode of our podcast! 😊

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