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Why we should replace the standard sweets with the healthy ones?

Hey guys, this is Andrew from team Eat’s Healthy, and in today’s episode I will discuss about healthy sweets.

In the last two episodes of this podcast we discussed about the advantages of cutting out the daily intake of sugar and the benefits of eating more fruits.

These are the first steps to bring good habits to your diet, these baby steps can help you a lot.

Let’s say you reduce the sugar consumption by half, and then you bring more fruits in your diet, now the next step is to replace half of the sweets that you eat with healthy ones.

You may ask what healthy sweets, for me the healthy ones are made of nuts, seeds, fruits, honey, dates, raisins and other natural ingredients.

I will not recommend the typical syrup, like dates or agave syrup, because it may disturb your pancreas and the processing of insulin.

Thinking about healthy things for me it’s all about natural and unprocessed food.

What good can bring to you this kind of sweets? A lot of nutrients like vitamins, mineral, fibers from fruits and a lot of good fats, good carbs and proteins from the nuts, seeds, honey.

In this way you will take care of your body when you are crawling for sugar.

You don’t gain weight, you don’t disturb the pancreas, you will not get addicted to this type of sweets.

The main difference between these two types of sweets is that healthy sweets are nutritive, you won’t need to eat much and in the same time you won’t get hungry too soon.
Also this kind of sweets can be served as a breakfast.

The usual sweets that we find in stores are just full of sugar, you will get hungry very fast and you can get addicted.

Anyway, if you have problems with sugar addiction you can try these baby steps and for sure you will get results, and if in the same time you also practice some sports you will see amazing, great changes.

What can I say now, just do it.

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