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  • Are your vegan cakes suitable for individuals with diabetes? We serve clients with various types of diabetes, and while we usually advise that our cakes contain around 10-12g of sweetener per slice, we strongly recommend consulting your doctor before consuming any product with Honey or Agave Syrup to ensure it aligns with your dietary requirements.
  • Do you offer deliveries outside of London? Currently, our delivery service covers zones 1-6 within London. Occasionally, on weekends, we may be able to extend our delivery range outside of London, but this would involve an additional fee starting from £30.
  • Can you create cakes without nuts? Regrettably, we are unable to fulfill requests for nut-free cakes. Our specialty lies in using nuts, seeds, and fruits as core ingredients for our vegan cakes.
  • Is it possible to exclude certain ingredients from my vegan cake? While some ingredient modifications are feasible, not all are possible. For instance, Cashew nuts cannot be removed from the recipe as they play a crucial role in holding the layers together. On the other hand, we can accommodate requests to eliminate ingredients like gluten-free oats, but please note that this alteration might come with an added cost. This is because the omission of gluten-free oats necessitates compensating with alternatives like almonds or pumpkin seeds.
  • Can you prepare a cake that excludes nuts, seeds, flour, soya, and is raw vegan and gluten-free? Unfortunately, such a combination is not within our range of offerings. It’s quite the challenge to create a cake fitting these extensive criteria!
  • What cake would you recommend? Drawing from our sales data, we highly recommend Mango no.5. It’s a popular choice among our customers.
  • How many people can a regular-sized cake serve? Our standard cake typically serves between 10 to 14 individuals, depending on their appetites.
  • How long can the vegan cake be stored in the fridge? What about the freezer? You can keep our vegan cake refrigerated for up to four days. If you decide to freeze it, it should remain in good condition for about a month.
  • When is the best time to place an order? During the checkout process, you’ll encounter a calendar that enables you to select your preferred delivery date. We advise scheduling the delivery for the day you intend to enjoy the cake or perhaps a day prior. Our cakes feature fresh fruit decorations that retain their freshness for no more than a day.
  • Is it possible to receive a delivery at a particular time?
    We strive to maintain a delivery cost of £2 by efficiently organizing all deliveries. While we can’t guarantee a specific hour, we can make an attempt with an additional charge of £20 if you insist.
  • Can I update the delivery address?
    Certainly! Kindly inform us 48 hours prior to the delivery day to avoid a £15 fee.