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Certified Guns 2 is the arm buffet of these workouts. It includes a little of everything. I throw the arm kitchen sink at you here, using bodyweight skullcrushers, tri-sets, bands and a number of other things to blow up your arms at a dizzying rate. I also include another bicep move I came up with – incline dumbbell curls with a twist.

After finishing six reps on both arms, let the dumbbells hang for about three seconds, then twist counter-clockwise in a continuous motion, doing this for about 6-8 seconds. Add in two more reps to finish it off and enjoy the blood that is flooding your biceps.


Biceps & Triceps
Exercise Sets Reps
Triset: 5
Straight Bar Curls 5-8
Incline Dumbbell Curls (with 5 second twist after 6 reps) 6+2
Cable Curls 20
Triset: 5
Straight Bar Pushdowns 20 + 20 1/4 reps
Bodyweight Skulls 5-10
Band Pushdowns 30
Triset: 5
Skullcrushers 20
Wide Grip EZ Bar Curls (Slow motion curls) 8
Wrist Curls 20
Core: 4
Back Extensions 40
Knee-Ups 15-20

workout from yourtrainer

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